Synonyms for Isotopes:

1. Radioisotopes
2. Variants
3. Nuclides
4. Stable Isotopes
5. Unstable Isotopes
6. Radioactive Isotopes
7. Heavy Isotopes
8. Light Isotopes
9. Nuclear Isotopes
10. Atomic Variants
11. Nuclear Variants
12. Atomic Isotopes
13. Radionuclides
14. Radioactive Nuclides
15. Atomic Nuclides
16. Heavy Nuclides
17. Light Nuclides
18. Stable Nuclides
19. Unstable Nuclides
20. Radioactive Variants
21. Atomic Variants
22. Nuclear Variants
23. Heavy Variants
24. Light Variants
25. Stable Variants
26. Unstable Variants
27. Isotopic Forms
28. Isotopic Species
29. Isotopic Variants
30. Isotopic Nuclides

If you are looking for the best ideas for other words for isotopes, you have come to the right place. Isotopes are variants of atoms with different numbers of neutrons. Synonyms for isotopes include radioisotopes, nuclides, stable isotopes, unstable isotopes, radioactive isotopes, heavy isotopes, light isotopes, nuclear isotopes, atomic variants, nuclear variants, atomic isotopes, radionuclides, radioactive nuclides, atomic nuclides, heavy nuclides, light nuclides, stable nuclides, unstable nuclides, radioactive variants, atomic variants, nuclear variants, heavy variants, light variants, stable variants, unstable variants, isotopic forms, isotopic species, isotopic variants, and isotopic nuclides. All of these words can be used to describe the same concept of isotopes.