1. Equals
2. Is equal to
3. Consists of
4. Is composed of
5. Comprises
6. Is made up of
7. Is identical to
8. Is the same as
9. Is indistinguishable from
10. Is tantamount to
11. Is analogous to
12. Is a synonym of
13. Is analogous to
14. Is similar to
15. Is a parallel of
16. Is a duplicate of
17. Is congruent to
18. Is a replica of
19. Is a counterpart of
20. Is a double of
21. Is a reflection of
22. Is a counterpart of
23. Is a repetition of
24. Is a re-enactment of
25. Is a re-creation of
26. Is a replication of
27. Is a reproduction of
28. Is a restatement of
29. Is a reiteration of
30. Is a duplication of

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