1. Testy
2. Cross
3. Short-tempered
4. Crabby
5. Touchy
6. Quick-tempered
7. Choleric
8. Petulant
9. Snappish
10. Peevish
11. Ill-tempered
12. Impatient
13. Fretful
14. Peppery
15. Acrimonious
16. Sullen
17. Splenetic
18. Impulsive
19. Irascible
20. Sour
21. Tetchy
22. Cantankerous
23. Tetchy
24. Huffy
25. Grouchy
26. Fiery
27. Irritable
28. Tempestuous
29. Peevish
30. Irritable

Are you looking for the best ideas for finding synonyms for the word “irritable”? Whether you’re a writer who needs to come up with other words for “irritable” or you’re a student who needs to find synonyms for an assignment, you’ll find a comprehensive list of ideas here. From testy and cross to short-tempered and crabby, these words can help you express your ideas in a more creative and interesting way. Other words for “irritable” include touchy, quick-tempered, choleric, petulant, snappish, peevish, ill-tempered, impatient, fretful, peppery, acrimonious, sullen, splenetic, impulsive, irascible, sour, tetchy, cantankerous, huffy, grouchy, fiery, and tempestuous. With this list, you’ll be able to find the perfect synonym for “irritable” to express your ideas.