1. Anomaly
2. Aberration
3. Abnormality
4. Deviation
5. Variance
6. Difference
7. Discrepancy
8. Unconformity
9. Unregularity
10. Unpredictability
11. Unpredictableness
12. Unreliability
13. Unsteadiness
14. Unsteadyness
15. Unsystematicness
16. Unsystematization
17. Unsystemization
18. Unevenness
19. Asymmetry
20. Unstandardization
21. Unconventionality
22. Unconventionality
23. Unevenness
24. Inequality
25. Unbalance
26. Unconstancy
27. Unconstancy
28. Nonuniformity
29. Unfamiliarity
30. Unfamiliarness

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the term «irregularity,» there are numerous words that can be used to accurately describe the concept. Synonyms for irregularity can range from anomaly, aberration, and abnormality to deviation, variance, and difference. Other words for irregularity can include discrepancy, unconformity, unpredictability, unreliability, unsteadiness, unsystematicness, unsystematization, unsystemization, unevenness, asymmetry, unstandardization, unconventionality, inequality, unbalance, unconstancy, nonuniformity, unfamiliarity, and unfamiliarness. With such a wide variety of words to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect synonym for the term «irregularity.»