1. Gaelic
2. Hibernian
3. Celtic
4. Erin
5. Eire
6. Green
7. Leprechaun
8. Claddagh
9. Blarney
10. Shamrock
11. Dublin
12. Blarney Stone
13. Four-Leaf Clover
14. Kilts
15. Leprechauns
16. Potato
17. Guinness
18. Uisce Beatha
19. Celtic Cross
20. The Troubles
21. Ulster
22. Gael
23. Irish Setter
24. Seanachie
25. Emerald Isle
26. Limerick
27. Leprechaun Hat
28. Colleen
29. Saint Patrick
30. Irish Jig

Looking for the best ideas for synonyms of the word «Irish»? Look no further! From Gaelic to Leprechauns, here are 30 other words for Irish that you can use in your writing. Some of the most popular synonyms include Celtic, Erin, Eire, and Green. Other popular ideas include the Claddagh, the Blarney Stone, Four-Leaf Clover, and Kilts. Don’t forget about classic Irish symbols like the Celtic Cross, the Leprechaun Hat, and the Irish Jig. And of course, no list of Irish synonyms would be complete without mentioning Guinness, Uisce Beatha, and the Emerald Isle. Whether you’re writing about the Troubles in Ulster or Saint Patrick’s Day, these synonyms for Irish will help you express your ideas.