1. Inquisitive
2. Probing
3. Analytical
4. Inquisitory
5. Examining
6. Delving
7. Scrutinizing
8. Investigatory
9. Querying
10. Researching
11. Investigational
12. Assaying
13. Investigating
14. Inquisitional
15. Exploring
16. Analytic
17. Analyzable
18. Discerning
19. Analytically
20. Inspecting
21. Looking into
22. Investigational
23. Scrutinising
24. Investigatory
25. Examining
26. Querying
27. Inspective
28. Analyzing
29. Assaying
30. Delving

When looking for the best ideas and words to describe investigative activities, it is important to consider a wide range of synonyms. From the words inquisitive, probing, analytical, and inquisitory to examining, delving, scrutinizing, and investigatory, there are many words to choose from that can accurately convey the meaning of investigative activities. Additionally, other words such as querying, researching, investigational, assaying, exploring, and analyzable can be used to further explain the concept of investigating. By considering a variety of synonyms, it is possible to effectively communicate the meaning of investigative activities in a clear and concise manner.