1. Supplies
2. Stock
3. Reserves
4. Stores
5. Stockpile
6. Provisions
7. Commodities
8. Resources
9. Goods
10. Supplies
11. Holdings
12. Allotment
13. Accumulation
14. Reserve
15. Collection
16. Arrangement
17. Store
18. Assortment
19. List
20. Cache
21. Listing
22. Inventory
23. Hoard
24. Accumulation
25. Heap
26. Assortment
27. Contingency
28. Aggregate
29. Accumulation
30. Stockpile

Finding the right words to describe inventories can be a challenge. Whether you need to come up with synonyms for inventories for a business report or a creative writing project, you’ll find plenty of options in this list. From supplies and stock to reserves and stores, these are some of the best ideas for synonyms for inventories. There are many other words for inventories, such as provisions, commodities, resources, goods, and holdings. You can also use allotment, accumulation, reserve, collection, arrangement, store, assortment, list, cache, listing, inventory, hoard, heap, contingency, aggregate, and stockpile. With so many synonyms for inventories available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word for your project.