Synonyms for «Introduction»:
1. Start
2. Foreword
3. Prelude
4. Opening
5. Preface
6. Launch
7. Inception
8. Opening remarks
9. Orientation
10. Opening address
11. Opening statement
12. Opening speech
13. Opening lines
14. Precedent
15. Preceding
16. Introductionary
17. Introductional
18. Precedent
19. Preceding
20. Pre-eminent
21. Pre-eminent
22. Preceding
23. Preceding remarks
24. Precedent
25. Preceding
26. Pre-eminent
27. Pre-eminent
28. Proem
29. Pre-amble
30. Pre-lude

When searching for the best ideas for introducing yourself or a topic, it is important to consider the various synonyms for the word “introduction”. Some possible alternatives include start, foreword, prelude, opening, preface, launch, inception, opening remarks, orientation, opening address, opening statement, opening speech, opening lines, precedent, introductionary, introductional, pre-eminent, proem, pre-amble, and pre-lude. Each of these words conveys a slightly different meaning, allowing you to tailor your introduction to the specific situation. For example, if you are introducing yourself to a new group of people, you may want to use a word like “opening” or “foreword” to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you are introducing a complex topic or concept, you may want to use a more formal word such as “prelude” or “preface”. By considering the various synonyms for the word “introduction”, you can ensure that your introduction is tailored to the specific situation and is as effective as possible.