1. Highway
2. Motorway
3. Expressway
4. Turnpike
5. Freeway
6. Bypass
7. Parkway
8. Throughway
9. Thruway
10. Main Road
11. Superhighway
12. Autoroute
13. Autobahn
14. Thoroughfare
15. Main Street
16. Route
17. Road
18. Corridor
19. Lane
20. Viaduct
21. Beltway
22. Link
23. Spur
24. Causeway
25. Route Nationale
26. Interstate Highway
27. Interstate Freeway
28. Intercounty Highway
29. Interstate System
30. National Highway System

When looking for synonyms for the word “interstate”, there are many great options to choose from. From “highway” and “motorway” to “autobahn” and “causeway”, there are plenty of other words for interstate that can be used in place of the original term. These synonyms offer great variety and can be used to describe the same type of roadway. It is always best to use the most appropriate word for the context, so it is important to consider the specific situation and select the best option. Whether it is “thruway” or “link”, there are plenty of other words for interstate to choose from.