1. Rendition
2. Translation
3. Clarification
4. Decipherment
5. Elucidation
6. Explication
7. Explanation
8. Exposition
9. Gloss
10. Illumination
11. Paraphrase
12. Rendering
13. Representation
14. Restatement
15. Sense
16. Version
17. Understanding
18. Analysis
19. Inference
20. Conception
21. Comprehension
22. Construction
23. Concept
24. Conceptualization
25. Decoding
26. Definition
27. Delineation
28. Interpretation
29. Perception
30. Explanation

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “interpretation”, there are many options to choose from. A few of the top choices include rendition, translation, clarification, decipherment, elucidation, explication, and explanation. These words can be used interchangeably to convey the same meaning. Other words for interpretation include exposition, gloss, illumination, paraphrase, rendering, representation, restatement, sense, version, understanding, analysis, inference, conception, comprehension, construction, concept, conceptualization, decoding, definition, delineation, perception, and explanation. These synonyms can be used to provide a clearer understanding of the meaning of interpretation.