1. Inter-tribal
2. Inter-cultural
3. Inter-ethnic
4. Inter-racial
5. Inter-religious
6. Inter-class
7. Inter-generational
8. Inter-community
9. Inter-societal
10. Inter-lingual
11. Inter-organizational
12. Inter-governmental
13. Inter-regional
14. Inter-group
15. Inter-sect
16. Inter-tribal
17. Inter-denominational
18. Inter-political
19. Cross-cultural
20. Cross-racial
21. Cross-ethnic
22. Cross-class
23. Cross-religious
24. Cross-generational
25. Cross-community
26. Cross-societal
27. Cross-lingual
28. Cross-organizational
29. Cross-governmental
30. Cross-regional

Looking for the best ideas and other words for intergroup? Look no further! Whether you need to find synonyms for intergroup, cross-cultural, cross-racial, cross-ethnic, cross-class, cross-religious, cross-generational, cross-community, cross-societal, cross-lingual, cross-organizational, cross-governmental, or cross-regional, you can find them here. Intergroup is an umbrella term for a variety of different social groups, and understanding the nuances of each is important. Here, you can find a wide range of synonyms to help you better understand the differences between each. From inter-tribal to inter-denominational, and cross-cultural to cross-regional, you can find the perfect words to help you communicate your message.