1. Fascinating
2. Captivating
3. Engrossing
4. Alluring
5. Compelling
6. Stimulating
7. Entrancing
8. Intriguing
9. Provocative
10. Absorbing
11. Beguiling
12. Enchanting
13. Appealing
14. Riveting
15. Enthralling
16. Exciting
17. Gripping
18. Mesmerizing
19. Thrilling
20. Stimulative
21. Striking
22. Tantalizing
23. Charming
24. Remarkable
25. Rousing
26. Thought-provoking
27. Striking
28. Noteworthy
29. Unforgettable
30. Memorable

Finding the right words to describe something can be a challenge, but luckily there are plenty of synonyms for the word “interesting”. Whether you’re looking for a captivating, absorbing, or enthralling word to add to your writing, these 30 ideas can provide the perfect solution. From fascinating and stimulating to gripping and mesmerizing, these synonyms for “interesting” are some of the best and most creative ideas to use when searching for the right word. Whether you’re writing a story, crafting a poem, or simply trying to come up with the perfect adjective to describe something, these synonyms can provide the perfect inspiration. So, the next time you’re looking for another word for “interesting”, consider these 30 ideas to help you find the perfect fit.