1. Aim
2. Plan
3. Design
4. Intend
5. Objective
6. End
7. Idea
8. Purpose
9. Scheme
10. Goal
11. Intentional
12. Intentionally
13. Motive
14. Intendment
15. Intendancy
16. Intendance
17. Intendence
18. Intendency
19. Intendment
20. Intender
21. Designment
22. Designation
23. Purposement
24. Purposive
25. Purposively
26. Scheme of Things
27. Aiming
28. Intending
29. Premeditation
30. Aimed

When searching for different words for the term «intention,» it is important to consider the best ideas and synonyms. Depending on the context, there are various words that can be used to describe the same concept. For example, one could use the words «aim,» «plan,» «design,» or «intended» to express the same idea. Additionally, words such as «objective,» «end,» «idea,» and «purpose» can also be used to express an intention. Whether one is looking for more formal or informal terms, there are many synonyms for the word «intention» that can be used to convey the same idea.