1. Assimilation
2. Combination
3. Merger
4. Unification
5. Fusion
6. Joining
7. Blending
8. Mixing
9. Amalgamation
10. Consolidation
11. Coordination
12. Conjoining
13. Synthesis
14. Linking
15. Union
16. Interconnection
17. Adaptation
18. Adjustment
19. Agreement
20. Association
21. Collaboration
22. Compatibility
23. Interaction
24. Interdependence
25. Interlinking
26. Intermingling
27. Interrelation
28. Intertwining
29. Mutualism
30. Synergy

When it comes to finding the best ideas for integration, it’s important to consider all the different synonyms for the word. Synonyms for integration can include assimilation, combination, merger, unification, fusion, joining, blending, mixing, amalgamation, consolidation, coordination, conjoining, synthesis, linking, union, interconnection, adaptation, adjustment, agreement, association, collaboration, compatibility, interaction, interdependence, interlinking, intermingling, interrelation, intertwining, mutualism, and synergy. Each of these words has its own unique meaning and can be used to describe the process of integrating two or more things. Taking the time to consider each of these words can help you find the best idea for your integration project.