1. Example
2. Occurrence
3. Case
4. Situation
5. Sample
6. Episode
7. Instance
8. Event
9. Manifestation
10. Illustration
11. Representation
12. Specimen
13. Instance
14. Sample
15. Occurrence
16. Example
17. Phenomenon
18. Incident
19. Episode
20. Affair
21. Circumstance
22. Situation
23. Occasion
24. Manifestation
25. Proof
26. Evidence
27. Demonstration
28. Representation
29. Illustration
30. Exemplification

Looking for synonyms for the word «instance»? Here are some of the best ideas and other words for instance that you can use in your writing. Instance is a word that can refer to a specific example of something or a specific occurrence of an event. Examples of synonyms for instance include example, occurrence, case, situation, sample, episode, event, manifestation, illustration, representation, specimen, phenomenon, incident, affair, circumstance, occasion, proof, evidence, demonstration, exemplification, and more. Whether you’re looking for one word or several, these synonyms for instance can help you find the perfect words to express your ideas.