1. Ask
2. Interrogate
3. Question
4. Probe
5. Quiz
6. Cross-examine
7. Investigate
8. Querying
9. Querulous
10. Poll
11. Interpellate
12. Querying
13. Examine
14. Analyze
15. Seek
16. Research
17. Querying
18. Catechize
19. Query
20. Pertain
21. Inquire of
22. Enquire
23. Delve
24. Scrutinize
25. Solicit
26. Deliberate
27. Quiz
28. Querying
29. Querulous
30. Querying

When trying to find the best ideas for how to ask a question, it can be helpful to use synonyms for the word «inquire». There are a wide variety of words which can be used to express the same idea, such as «ask», «interrogate», «question», «probe», «quiz», «cross-examine», «investigate», «querying», «querulous», «poll», «interpellate», «examine», «analyze», «seek», «research», «pertain», «inquire of», «enquire», «delve», «scrutinize», «solicit», «deliberate», and «quiz». Using different words to express the same idea can help to make the question more interesting and engaging, and can also help to add variety to the conversation. By exploring the various synonyms for the word «inquire», it is possible to come up with the best ideas for how to ask a question.