1. Revolutionary
2. Creative
3. Original
4. Novel
5. Progressive
6. Inventive
7. Imaginative
8. Pioneering
9. Advanced
10. Modern
11. Futuristic
12. Refined
13. Renewed
14. Redesigned
15. Refreshed
16. Rejuvenated
17. Reinvented
18. Cutting-edge
19. State-of-the-art
20. Trendy
21. Unique
22. Unprecedented
23. Novelty
24. Extraordinary
25. Innovatory
26. Contemporary
27. Imaginational
28. Revolutionary
29. Newfangled
30. Fresh

When it comes to finding the best ideas, looking for something innovative can be a great place to start. Synonyms for innovative can help to broaden your search and give you a more creative perspective. Some of the best other words for innovative are revolutionary, creative, original, novel, progressive, inventive, imaginative, pioneering, advanced, modern, futuristic, refined, renewed, redesigned, refreshed, rejuvenated, reinvented, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, trendy, unique, unprecedented, novelty, extraordinary, innovatory, contemporary, imaginational, newfangled, and fresh. Each of these words can help to inspire and motivate you to come up with the most unique and creative ideas.