1. Embossed
2. Engraved
3. Embroidered
4. Inserted
5. Ornamented
6. Intarsia
7. Set
8. Impressed
9. Carved
10. Chiseled
11. Mosaic
12. Decorated
13. Studded
14. Insert
15. Inset
16. Etched
17. Chased
18. Figured
19. Inlaid
20. Inscribed
21. Appliqued
22. Mosaicked
23. Inlaying
24. Inlays
25. Inscribing
26. Inscribed
27. Inscribing
28. Inlaid
29. Inlaying
30. Impressed

When looking for the best ideas to describe something ornately decorated, there are many synonyms to choose from. Some of the most commonly used words are inlaid, embossed, engraved, embroidered, inserted, and ornamented. All of these words describe the process of creating a design or pattern by adding material or color to a surface. Other words for inlaid include intarsia, set, impressed, carved, and chiseled. These words are often used to describe a decorative pattern or design that is made by cutting, carving, or engraving a material such as wood or metal. Mosaic, decorated, and studded are also common words used to describe inlaid designs. Insert, inset, etched, chased, and figured are some of the other words used to describe inlaid designs. Inlaid, inlaying, inlays, inscribing, inscribed, and impressed are some of the more specific words used to describe inlaid designs. All of these words can be used to create a more detailed description of an ornately decorated item.