1. Started
2. Begun
3. Launched
4. Embarked
5. Set off
6. Kicked off
7. Commenced
8. Ushered in
9. Opened
10. Jumpstarted
11. Begun
12. Activated
13. Primed
14. Triggered
15. Instigated
16. Inducted
17. Impulse
18. Propelled
19. Incited
20. Sparked
21. Prompted
22. Ignited
23. Instigated
24. Set in motion
25. Brought about
26. Impelled
27. Commenced
28. Originated
29. Inaugurated
30. Unleashed

When you need to find another word for «initiated,» the best ideas are to use synonyms such as started, begun, launched, embarked, set off, kicked off, commenced, ushered in, opened, jumpstarted, activated, primed, triggered, instigated, inducted, impulse, propelled, incited, sparked, prompted, ignited, set in motion, brought about, impelled, originated, inaugurated, and unleashed. All of these words can be used interchangeably to describe the act of initiating something. For example, you could say «The project was jumpstarted when the team initiated a plan of action.»