1. Restrained
2. Repressed
3. Censored
4. Reined in
5. Contained
6. Stifled
7. Abated
8. Checked
9. Tempered
10. Curbed
11. Suppressed
12. Limited
13. Muzzled
14. Clamped down
15. Hemmed in
16. Held back
17. Reigned in
18. Bottled up
19. Controlled
20. Bridled
21. Gagged
22. Constrained
23. Retained
24. Hampered
25. Capped
26. Deferred
27. Restrained
28. Tamed
29. Abstain
30. Repress

When looking for other words for «inhibited», there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for inhibited can range from restrained and repressed to censored and reined in. Other words for inhibited could include contained, stifled, abated, checked, and tempered. The best ideas for synonyms for inhibited include curbed, suppressed, limited, muzzled, and clamped down. Hemmed in, held back, reigned in, bottled up, and controlled are also great ideas to consider. Bridled, gagged, constrained, retained, hampered, capped, deferred, restrained, tamed, and abstain are additional ideas for synonyms for inhibited.