1. Expansive
2. Costly
3. Pricey
4. Uplifting
5. Bulging
6. Swelling
7. Overpriced
8. Staggering
9. Unreasonably High
10. Exorbitant
11. Inordinately High
12. Unusually High
13. Overheated
14. Onerous
15. Spiking
16. Skyrocketing
17. Mounting
18. Accelerating
19. Soaring
20. Unabated
21. Increasing
22. Unchecked
23. Intensifying
24. Inflated
25. Unstable
26. Uncontrolled
27. Unbridled
28. Unrestrained
29. Unsustainable
30. Exaggerated

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word “inflationary” there are a variety of options to choose from. From expansive and costly to pricey and uplifting, the list of words that can be used to describe inflation is a long one. Other words for inflation can include bulging, swelling, overpriced, staggering, and unreasonably high. Exorbitant, inordinately high, and unusually high are also some of the best ideas when it comes to describing inflation. For those looking to find the perfect word to explain the overheated, onerous, and spiking cost of goods and services, the synonyms of inflationary are the perfect fit.