1. Appreciation
2. Uptick
3. Expansion
4. Inflationary spiral
5. Cost of living increase
6. Price increase
7. Price hike
8. Price rise
9. Price jump
10. Price surge
11. Price inflation
12. Cost-push inflation
13. Demand-pull inflation
14. Expansionary pressure
15. Devaluation
16. Erosion of purchasing power
17. Expansion of money supply
18. Expansionary monetary policy
19. Expansionary fiscal policy
20. Expansionary budget
21. Expansionary credit
22. Expansionary cycle
23. Expansionary spiral
24. Expansionary trend
25. Hyperinflation
26. Inflationary shock
27. Inflationary pressure
28. Inflationary cycle
29. Inflationary spiral
30. Inflationary trend

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