1. Invasion
2. Influx
3. Entry
4. Insertion
5. Incursion
6. Insert
7. Insertion
8. Intrusion
9. Invasion
10. Ingress
11. Penetration
12. Permeation
13. Inserted
14. Embed
15. Interpenetrate
16. Infiltration
17. Inserts
18. Implant
19. Interlope
20. Interfere
21. Inserting
22. Intrude
23. Invade
24. Intruding
25. Interpose
26. Infuse
27. Interjection
28. Intervene
29. Permeate
30. Imbue

When you are looking for synonyms for the word «infiltration», there are many words that can be used to accurately describe this concept. Some of the best ideas for other words for infiltration include invasion, influx, entry, insertion, incursion, insert, insertion, intrusion, invasion, ingress, penetration, permeation, inserted, embed, interpenetrate, inserts, implant, interlope, interfere, inserting, intrude, invade, intruding, interpose, infuse, interjection, intervene, permeate, and imbue. All of these words can be used to accurately describe the concept of infiltration, and provide a variety of different ways to express the same idea.