1. Disparities
2. Discrepancies
3. Imbalances
4. Disproportions
5. Unevenness
6. Variations
7. Injustices
8. Asymmetries
9. Inequities
10. Differences
11. Contrasts
12. Imperfections
13. Discrepancy
14. Discontinuity
15. Disparity
16. Dissimilarity
17. Divergences
18. Inaccuracies
19. Inconsistencies
20. Irregularities
21. Unequalness
22. Divergences
23. Disunities
24. Variability
25. Disagreements
26. Dissimilitude
27. Heterogeneity
28. Differentials
29. Disarrays
30. Misalignments

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When looking for synonyms for the word inequalities, consider words like disparities, discrepancies, imbalances, disproportions, unevenness, variations, injustices, asymmetries, inequities, differences, contrasts, imperfections, discontinuity, disparity, dissimilarity, divergences, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, irregularities, unequalness, disunities, variability, disagreements, dissimilitude, heterogeneity, differentials, disarrays, and misalignments. These words can help you to better explain the concept of inequality in your writing.