1. Persons
2. People
3. Souls
4. Entities
5. Characters
6. Beings
7. Bodies
8. Folks
9. Mortals
10. Creatures
11. Humans
12. Citizens
13. Individuals
14. Spirits
15. Persons
16. Subjects
17. Persons
18. Persons
19. Persons
20. Denizens
21. Residents
22. Persons
23. Parties
24. Persons
25. Persons
26. Persons
27. Persons
28. Persons
29. Persons
30. Persons

When you are looking for the best ideas for referring to individuals, synonyms can be incredibly helpful. Instead of using the same word over and over, try using other words for individuals. This can help to give variety to your writing and make it more interesting. For example, instead of using the word “individuals”, you could use words like “persons”, “people”, “souls”, “entities”, “characters”, “beings”, “bodies”, “folks”, “mortals”, “creatures”, “humans”, “citizens”, “spirits”, “subjects”, “denizens”, “residents”, or “parties”. By using these synonyms, you can add a new level of depth and interest to your writing.