1. Evasive
2. Roundabout
3. Devious
4. Ambiguous
5. Oblique
6. Obscure
7. Cautious
8. Underhanded
9. Subterfuge
10. Cunning
11. Elusive
12. Artful
13. Deliberate
14. Guileful
15. Equivocal
16. Insinuating
17. Furtive
18. Slippery
19. Delicate
20. Intricate
21. Shifty
22. Ambagious
23. Wily
24. Obfuscating
25. Covert
26. Reticent
27. Perfidious
28. Obnubilate
29. Duplicitous
30. Prevaricating

When searching for synonyms for the word “indirect”, the best ideas to consider are evasive, roundabout, devious, ambiguous, and oblique. These words all have similar meanings, but each can be used in different contexts to convey a subtle difference in meaning. Other words for indirect can include cautious, underhanded, subterfuge, cunning, elusive, artful, and deliberate. Guileful, equivocal, insinuating, furtive, slippery, delicate, intricate, shifty, ambagious, wily, obfuscating, covert, reticent, perfidious, obnubilate, duplicitous, and prevaricating are also excellent synonyms for indirect. These words can help to add subtlety and nuance to any writing or conversation, making them ideal for use in a variety of contexts.