1. Native Americans
2. First Nations
3. Aboriginals
4. Amerindians
5. Red Men
6. Red Skins
7. Reds
8. Redskinned
9. Red Indians
10. Amerinds
11. Indigenous Peoples
12. Native Peoples
13. Native Tribes
14. Native Americans of North America
15. Indigenous Americans
16. Native Americans of the United States
17. Native Americans of Canada
18. Native Americans of Central America
19. Indigenous Mexicans
20. Indigenous Central Americans
21. Amerindian Tribes
22. Amerindian Nations
23. Indigenous Nations
24. Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
25. Native Americans of South America
26. South American Indians
27. Native South Americans
28. Native Americans of the Amazon
29. Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon
30. Native Americans of the Caribbean

Looking for synonyms for the word “Indians”? We have the best ideas for you! There are many different words that can be used to refer to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, such as Native Americans, First Nations, Aboriginals, Amerindians, Red Men, Red Skins, Reds, Redskinned, Red Indians, Amerinds, Indigenous Peoples, Native Tribes, Indigenous Americans, Native Americans of North America, Native Americans of the United States, Native Americans of Canada, Native Americans of Central America, Indigenous Mexicans, Indigenous Central Americans, Amerindian Tribes, Amerindian Nations, Indigenous Nations, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Native Americans of South America, South American Indians, Native South Americans, Native Americans of the Amazon, Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon, and Native Americans of the Caribbean.