1. Self-governing
2. Autonomous
3. Self-determining
4. Self-supporting
5. Free
6. Sovereign
7. Unaffiliated
8. Unconstrained
9. Self-sufficient
10. Unsubordinated
11. Unrestricted
12. Stand-alone
13. Unattached
14. Unconnected
15. Unfettered
16. Uncontrolled
17. Unsupervised
18. Unrestricted
19. Unrestricted
20. Unregulated
21. On one’s own
22. Unbounded
23. Free-thinking
24. Unrestricted
25. Unconstrained
26. Unconfined
27. Unrestricted
28. Unhindered
29. Unrestricted
30. Self-reliant

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