1. Hesitation
2. Dithering
3. Vacillation
4. Irresolution
5. Wavering
6. Fluctuation
7. Doubt
8. Ambivalence
9. Uncertainty
10. Doubtfulness
11. Unclarity
12. Confusion
13. Dubiety
14. Equivocation
15. Equivocacy
16. Perplexity
17. Vagueness
18. Inconstancy
19. Changeability
20. Unsteadiness
21. Unreliability
22. Fickleness
23. Shilly-shallying
24. Faltering
25. Timidity
26. Agnosticism
27. Tentativeness
28. Waffling
29. Prevarication
30. Reticence

When it comes to the best ideas for synonyms for indecision, there are many to choose from. Words such as hesitation, dithering, vacillation, irresolution, and wavering are all perfect for describing the feeling of being unable to make a decision. Other words such as doubt, ambivalence, uncertainty, and doubtfulness can also be used to express this concept. For those looking for more creative alternatives, words like equivocation, perplexity, vagueness, and changeability can be used to describe the same feeling. Finally, terms such as shilly-shallying, faltering, timidity, and prevarication can be used to express indecision in a more humorous way. No matter which words you choose, these synonyms for indecision will help you express the feeling of being unable to make a decision in the most appropriate way.