1. Comprising
2. Incorporating
3. Containing
4. Encompassing
5. Involving
6. Embodying
7. Comprehending
8. Embracing
9. Comprised of
10. Appertaining
11. Contemplating
12. Encompassed by
13. Inclusive of
14. Summarizing
15. Enfolding
16. Categorizing
17. Holding
18. Accommodating
19. Including within
20. Carrying
21. Possessing
22. Covering
23. Holding within
24. Containing within
25. Allowing
26. Bearing
27. Holding in
28. Comprising of
29. Comprising within
30. Taking in

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «including», there are many options to consider. Whether you are looking for another word for including, or other words for including, you can find a variety of options that can be used in different contexts. Some of the most popular synonyms for including are comprising, incorporating, containing, encompassing, involving, embodying, comprehending, embracing, comprised of, appertaining, and contemplating. These words can be used to convey the same meaning as «including» in a more eloquent and precise way. Other words for including such as enfolding, categorizing, holding, accommodating, including within, carrying, possessing, covering, holding within, containing within, allowing, bearing, and holding in can also be used in a variety of contexts. With this expansive list of synonyms for including, you can always find the perfect word to convey the same meaning in a more precise and eloquent way.