1. Incorporate
2. Encompass
3. Contain
4. Integrate
5. Embody
6. Comprise
7. Comprehend
8. Involve
9. Cover
10. Include
11. Absorb
12. Embrace
13. Enclose
14. Incorporate
15. Incur
16. Occupy
17. Possess
18. Extend
19. Imply
20. Take in
21. Take up
22. Welcome
23. Comprise
24. Comprised of
25. Constitute
26. Comprised of
27. Comprised in
28. Hold
29. Include in
30. Implicate

The best ideas for finding synonyms for the word “include” include looking up the word in a thesaurus, as it can provide a comprehensive list of alternatives. Other good ideas include brainstorming and thinking of related words that have a similar meaning, such as “embrace” or “encompass”. Additionally, it can be helpful to think of phrases that have a similar meaning, such as “comprised of” or “comprised in”. Asking for help from a friend or colleague can also be a great way to come up with other words for “include”.