Synonyms for INCIPIENT:
1. Beginning
2. Emergent
3. Initial
4. Inaugural
5. Introductory
6. Start
7. Commencement
8. Inception
9. Outset
10. Birth
11. Origin
12. Emergence
13. Debut
14. Opening
15. Inchoate
16. Early
17. Primitive
18. Infant
19. Fresh
20. Maiden
21. Novel
22. Unfledged
23. Untried
24. Untested
25. Novelty
26. New
27. Initializing
28. Inceptive
29. Opening move
30. Preface

When you’re looking for another word for incipient, you can find many ideas. Whether you need a synonym for a business presentation, a school project, or a creative writing piece, there are many great options. Some of the best synonyms for incipient include beginning, emergent, initial, inaugural, introductory, start, commencement, inception, outset, birth, origin, emergence, debut, opening, inchoate, early, primitive, infant, fresh, maiden, novel, unfledged, untried, untested, novelty, new, initializing, inceptive, opening move, and preface. Each of these words can be used to accurately describe the concept of something that is just beginning.