1. Idle
2. Passive
3. Inoperative
4. Unproductive
5. Non-active
6. Stationary
7. Quiescent
8. Dormant
9. Inanimate
10. Unresponsive
11. Unmoved
12. Uninvolved
13. Inert
14. Sluggish
15. Unenergetic
16. Torpid
17. Supine
18. Lethargic
19. Stagnant
20. Unmotivated
21. Static
22. Unreactive
23. Unmoving
24. Inactive
25. Impassive
26. Apathetic
27. Unanimated
28. Stale
29. Inattentive
30. Detached

When it comes to finding the best ideas for other words for the word «inactive», there are many options available. Synonyms such as idle, passive, inoperative, unproductive, non-active, stationary, quiescent, dormant, inanimate, unresponsive, unmoved, uninvolved, inert, sluggish, unenergetic, torpid, supine, lethargic, stagnant, unmotivated, static, unreactive, unmoving, impassive, apathetic, unanimated, stale, inattentive, and detached can all be used to describe something that is not active. These words can be used interchangeably to give a more accurate description of a situation or object. When looking for ideas for other words for «inactive», these synonyms can provide a great starting point for finding the best words to use.