1. Within
2. Surrounding
3. Inside
4. Amid
5. Among
6. Encompassing
7. Adjacent
8. Abutting
9. Attached
10. Connected
11. Joined
12. Affixed
13. Linked
14. Coincident
15. Neighboring
16. Close
17. Adjoining
18. Contiguous
19. Nigh
20. Coterminous
21. Abreast
22. Beside
23. At
24. Near
25. Beside
26. By
27. Atop
28. Toward
29. Against
30. Over

When it comes to finding the best words for «in», there are many different synonyms to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more formal or informal way to say «in», there are plenty of options. From «within» to «toward» and «beside» to «over», there are plenty of other words for in that can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, if you wanted to say «in the classroom» you could use «amid» or «among». If you wanted to say «in the house» you could use «inside» or «surrounding». There are many more synonyms for «in» that can be used to add variety and interest to your writing. With the list of 30 synonyms for «in» provided, you can easily find the best words to use in any situation.