Synonyms for Improves:
1. Enhances
2. Refines
3. Augments
4. Ameliorates
5. Develops
6. Elevates
7. Expands
8. Fortifies
9. Intensifies
10. Meliorates
11. Perfects
12. Progresses
13. Rejuvenates
14. Renews
15. Revamps
16. Revitalizes
17. Sharpens
18. Strengthens
19. Updates
20. Uplifts
21. Upgrades
22. Boosts
23. Deepens
24. Expedites
25. Facilitates
26. Hastens
27. Meliorates
28. Modernizes
29. Refreshes
30. Revises

Finding the best ideas for improving your business can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a variety of words and phrases that can help you express your goals. Synonyms for “improves” such as enhances, refines, augments, ameliorates, develops, elevates, expands, fortifies, intensifies, perfects, progresses, rejuvenates, renews, revamps, revitalizes, sharpens, strengthens, updates, uplifts, upgrades, boosts, deepens, expedites, facilitates, hastens, meliorates, modernizes, refreshes, and revises can help you communicate what you want to achieve. These words and phrases can help you brainstorm ideas, create a plan of action, and identify the resources necessary to reach your goals. By utilizing synonyms for “improves”, you can ensure that your business continues to grow and succeed.