1. Enhance
2. Upgrade
3. Refine
4. Strengthen
5. Perfect
6. Amplify
7. Modernize
8. Boost
9. Advance
10. Develop
11. Reform
12. Rejuvenate
13. Upgrade
14. Expand
15. Revise
16. Elevate
17. Cultivate
18. Augment
19. Update
20. Optimize
21. Sharpen
22. Revamp
23. Reinforce
24. Fortify
25. Modify
26. Finesse
27. Revitalize
28. Expand
29. Alter
30. Reinvigorate

When it comes to finding the best ideas to improve something, it’s important to consider all the various synonyms for the word «improve». There are many other words for «improve» such as enhance, upgrade, refine, strengthen, perfect, amplify, modernize, boost, advance, develop, reform, rejuvenate, expand, revise, elevate, cultivate, augment, update, optimize, sharpen, revamp, reinforce, fortify, modify, finesse, revitalize, alter, and reinvigorate. Each of these words offers a unique approach to improving something, so it’s important to consider them all when brainstorming ideas. With the right combination of synonyms for «improve», you can come up with the perfect plan to take your project to the next level.