1. Powerless
2. Helpless
3. Ineffective
4. Weak
5. Inadequate
6. Incompetent
7. Futile
8. Useless
9. Inoperative
10. Unfit
11. Unproductive
12. Inefficient
13. Ineffectual
14. Incapable
15. Ineffectiveness
16. Impuissant
17. Unavailing
18. Unaccomplished
19. Unsuccessful
20. Unproficient
21. Disabled
22. Incompetence
23. Inoperative
24. Inoperable
25. Disabled
26. Ineffectiveness
27. Impuissance
28. Unfit
29. Incompetent
30. Inefficacy

Finding synonyms for common words can be a tricky task. Searching for alternative words for «impotent» can be especially difficult, as this term has a wide range of meanings and connotations. However, with a bit of creativity, you can find the best synonyms for «impotent» that will fit your needs. Whether you are looking for more powerful words to use in a professional setting or simply want to spice up your writing, this list of synonyms for «impotent» is a great place to start. From «powerless» to «inefficient» to «incapable,» this list of 30 words offers a wide range of options for expressing the concept of «impotent.» With these words, you can easily find the best synonym for any situation, ensuring that your writing is as powerful and effective as possible.