1. Ingress
2. Influx
3. Incoming
4. Entrances
5. Inflows
6. Ingressions
7. Importation
8. Incomings
9. Ingressions
10. Inlets
11. Inwardness
12. Inflows
13. Inlets
14. Introductions
15. Inwardness
16. Ingressions
17. Ingresses
18. Incomings
19. Importation
20. Ingresses
21. Introductions
22. Influxes
23. Inflows
24. Ingressions
25. Ingresses
26. Incomings
27. Importation
28. Ingressions
29. Ingresses
30. Influxes

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “imports”, it can be difficult to come up with a comprehensive list. However, having a list of synonyms for “imports” can be extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary and find alternate words for the same concept. Here is a list of 30 synonyms for the word “imports” that can be used in various contexts: ingress, influx, incoming, entrances, inflows, ingressions, importation, incomings, ingresses, inlets, inwardness, inflows, inlets, introductions, inwardness, ingressions, ingresses, incomings, importation, ingresses, introductions, influxes, inflows, ingressions, ingresses, incomings, importation, ingressions, ingresses, and influxes. These synonyms can be used to express the same concept in different ways, depending on the context.