1. Hinder
2. Block
3. Obstruct
4. Curtail
5. Thwart
6. Interfere
7. Impediment
8. Hamper
9. Stymie
10. Inhibit
11. Restrict
12. Suppress
13. Interdict
14. Bar
15. Stifle
16. Oppose
17. Prohibit
18. Debilitate
19. Deter
20. Hamstring
21. Arrest
22. Counteract
23. Obnubilate
24. Obviate
25. Stagnate
26. Disallow
27. Repress
28. Preclude
29. Balk
30. Inhibit

When needing to find the best ideas for other words for “impede”, the list above provides 30 synonyms to choose from. These words can be used in place of “impede” to convey the same meaning in a more varied and interesting way. Whether you are writing for a professional or personal purpose, these words can be used to add a level of sophistication to your writing. Whether you are looking for a word to express the idea of being hindered, blocked, or obstructed, this list provides the best ideas for synonyms of “impede”.