1. Unwell
2. Unhealthy
3. Unfit
4. Sickly
5. Infirm
6. Diseased
7. Ailing
8. Unsound
9. Unwholesome
10. Unfit
11. Corrupt
12. Decrepit
13. Debilitated
14. Feeble
15. Fragile
16. Haggard
17. Invalid
18. Miserable
19. Noxious
20. Palpable
21. Rotten
22. Shabby
23. Sick
24. Tainted
25. Unfit
26. Unnourishing
27. Vitiated
28. Weakened
29. Wretched
30. Worn-Out

When searching for other words for “ill”, there are plenty of ideas to consider. Synonyms for “ill” include unwell, unhealthy, unfit, sickly, infirm, diseased, ailing, unsound, unwholesome, corrupt, decrepit, debilitated, feeble, fragile, haggard, invalid, miserable, noxious, palpable, rotten, shabby, sick, tainted, unfit, unnourishing, vitiated, weakened, wretched, and worn-out. These words can be used to accurately describe a physical or mental state of being unwell. Many of these words can also be used to describe an environment or object that is in a state of disrepair. With so many best ideas for synonyms for “ill”, it’s easy to find the perfect word to accurately describe any situation.