1. Recognize
2. Distinguish
3. Discern
4. Spot
5. Know
6. Find
7. Notice
8. Perceive
9. Uncover
10. Discover
11. Locate
12. Detect
13. Name
14. Specify
15. Classify
16. Label
17. Pinpoint
18. Unmask
19. Define
20. Describe
21. Apprehend
22. Single out
23. Acknowledge
24. Realize
25. Establish
26. Ascertain
27. Apprise
28. Differentiate
29. Unearth
30. Make out

When you need to find the right words to identify something, the best ideas are to use synonyms. Synonyms are words that have similar meanings, so when you are looking for another word for identify, you can use any of the above synonyms to convey the same meaning. For example, if you need to describe a person, you can use words like discern, spot, know, find, or even uncover to identify the person. Similarly, if you need to locate something, you can use words like detect, name, pinpoint, or unmask to identify the object. By using synonyms for identify, you can make your writing more interesting and varied.