1. Restlessness
2. Liveliness
3. Frenzy
4. Agitation
5. Excitability
6. Fidgetiness
7. Energeticness
8. Overactivity
9. Vivacity
10. Spiritedness
11. Hyperkineticism
12. Fervor
13. Vivaciousness
14. Vivaciousness
15. Excitableness
16. Hyperkinesis
17. Vivaciousness
18. Vivaciousness
19. Hyperdrive
20. Unrest
21. Turbulence
22. Unruliness
23. Boisterousness
24. Exuberance
25. Zeal
26. Intensity
27. Busyness
28. Animosity
29. Activity
30. Verve

Finding the best synonyms for the word “hyperactivity” can be a challenge. However, if you are looking for other words for hyperactivity, there are plenty of options. Restlessness, liveliness, frenzy, agitation, excitability, fidgetiness, energeticness, overactivity, vivacity, spiritedness, hyperkineticism, fervor, vivaciousness, excitableness, hyperkinesis, hyperdrive, unrest, turbulence, unruliness, boisterousness, exuberance, zeal, intensity, busyness, animosity, activity, and verve are all great ideas for synonyms of the word hyperactivity. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms or just other words for hyperactivity, these ideas can help you find the perfect words to use in your writing.