1. Muriatic
2. Acidic
3. Chlorhydric
4. Chloric
5. Chlorous
6. Corrosive
7. Acidulous
8. Sour
9. Tart
10. Pungent
11. Acrid
12. Caustic
13. Aqueous
14. Alkaline
15. Alkalic
16. Saline
17. Saliferous
18. Saline solution
19. Hydrochloride
20. Hydrochloride acid
21. Hydrogen chloride
22. Hydrochloric acid
23. Hydrochloride salt
24. Acetic acid
25. Acetous
26. Acidity
27. Acidifying
28. Acetification
29. Acetous acid
30. Acidulate

Are you looking for the best ideas on synonyms for the word “hydrochloric”? Whether you are writing a research paper or creating a presentation, it can be useful to have a list of alternative words to use for the same concept. Here are some of the top synonyms for hydrochloric: Muriatic, Acidic, Chlorhydric, Chloric, Chlorous, Corrosive, Acidulous, Sour, Tart, Pungent, Acrid, Caustic, Aqueous, Alkaline, Alkalic, Saline, Saliferous, Saline solution, Hydrochloride, Hydrochloride acid, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrochloride salt, Acetic acid, Acetous, Acidity, Acidifying, Acetification, Acetous acid, and Acidulate. With this list of synonyms, you can easily find the right word to fit your writing needs.