1. Pursues
2. Chases
3. Trails
4. Tracks
5. Follows
6. Seeks
7. Hunts for
8. Searches
9. Scours
10. Stalks
11. Hunts down
12. Ferrets out
13. Scavenges
14. Prospects
15. Quest
16. Rummages
17. Forages
18. Plunders
19. Probes
20. Investigates
21. Scrutinizes
22. Inspects
23. Scans
24. Looks for
25. Rakes
26. Winnow
27. Sift
28. Combs
29. Examines
30. Surveys

When searching for alternatives to the word «hunts», there are many great options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best, most creative ideas or simply a different way to phrase the same concept, there are plenty of synonyms for «hunts» to choose from. From «pursues» and «chases» to «trails» and «tracks,» the options are seemingly endless. Additionally, there are more nuanced words like «quest» and «rummages» that can help to add more depth and specificity to your writing. Ultimately, whatever your purpose, there are plenty of synonyms for «hunts» to choose from.