1. Centenary
2. C
3. Century
4. One hundred
5. Hundredfold
6. Hundredth
7. Myriad
8. Hecatomb
9. Decuple
10. Ten dozen
11. Ten score
12. Long hundred
13. Gross
14. Great hundred
15. Grand
16. G
17. Five score
18. Five dozen
19. Double century
20. Hundred unit
21. Hundred part
22. Hundred group
23. Hundred block
24. Hundred mark
25. Hundred point
26. Hundred amount
27. Hundred sum
28. Hundred total
29. Hundred figure
30. Hundred number

When you need to find another word for “hundred”, there are plenty of great ideas out there. Synonyms for “hundred” include centenary, c, century, one hundred, hundredfold, hundredth, myriad, hecatomb, decuple, ten dozen, ten score, long hundred, gross, great hundred, grand, g, five score, five dozen, double century, hundred unit, hundred part, hundred group, hundred block, hundred mark, hundred point, hundred amount, hundred sum, hundred total, hundred figure, and hundred number. Each of these words can be used to replace “hundred” in a sentence, and they all provide a different type of meaning or connotation. Whether you’re writing a formal document or a creative piece of writing, having a variety of synonyms for “hundred” can help you express yourself in a unique way.