1. Chant
2. Croon
3. Drone
4. Humming
5. Murmur
6. Purr
7. Roar
8. Sing
9. Trill
10. Vocalize
11. Warble
12. Yodel
13. Bay
14. Buzz
15. Chirp
16. Coo
17. Croak
18. Peep
19. Pipe
20. Purr
21. Rumble
22. Shout
23. Squawk
24. Squeal
25. Toot
26. Wail
27. Whistle
28. Whisper
29. Yowl
30. Buzzing

When you are looking for synonyms for the word ‘hum’, there is no shortage of ideas. From ‘chant’ to ‘yodel’, you have a wide variety of words to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms to use in a poem or a song, or just need a few ideas to help you express yourself better, these 30 words are the perfect starting point. From ‘roar’ to ‘whisper’, you can find the perfect word to express any emotion or feeling. Whether you are searching for other words for ‘hum’ or just need some fresh ideas, these synonyms are sure to help you find the right word for the right situation.