1. Moment
2. Sixty minutes
3. Time period
4. Clock time
5. Period
6. Moment in time
7. Interval
8. Momentarily
9. Instance
10. Spell
11. Duration
12. Momentarily
13. Interim
14. Lap
15. Twelve o’clock
16. Daytime
17. Sixty seconds
18. Sixty minutes
19. Sixty seconds
20. Momentarily
21. Instants
22. Interlude
23. Occasion
24. Sixty seconds
25. Period of time
26. Clock time
27. Twelve o’clock
28. Daytime
29. Interval
30. Interlude

Are you looking for other words for “hour”? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas for synonyms for “hour”. Moment, sixty minutes, time period, clock time, period, moment in time, interval, momentarily, instance, spell, duration, momentarily, interim, lap, twelve o’clock, daytime, sixty seconds, sixty minutes, sixty seconds, momentarily, instants, interlude, occasion, sixty seconds, period of time, clock time, twelve o’clock, daytime, interval, and interlude are all words that can be used to mean the same thing as “hour”. Whether you’re writing a paper or just looking for a way to express yourself more clearly, these synonyms for “hour” are sure to help you find the perfect word.