1. Entertainers
2. Emcees
3. Masters of Ceremonies
4. Facilitators
5. Presenters
6. Anchors
7. Moderators
8. Producers
9. Managers
10. Stewards
11. Conductor
12. Orchestrator
13. Hostesses
14. Ushers
15. Greeters
16. Facilitators
17. Stewards
18. Receptionists
19. Coordinators
20. Supervisors
21. Directors
22. Managers
23. Facilitators
24. Chairpersons
25. Orchestrators
26. Keepers
27. Caretakers
28. Liaisons
29. Guides
30. Ambassadors

When planning a special event, finding the right people to serve as hosts is essential. Having the right hosts can make or break a successful event. The best ideas for selecting hosts include finding individuals who are well-spoken, knowledgeable, and friendly. Synonyms for the word “hosts” include entertainers, emcees, masters of ceremonies, facilitators, presenters, anchors, moderators, producers, managers, stewards, conductors, orchestrators, hostesses, ushers, greeters, receptionists, coordinators, supervisors, directors, chairpersons, keepers, caretakers, liaisons, guides, and ambassadors. All of these words are interchangeable when searching for the right people to serve as hosts for an event.