Synonyms for Hormones:
1. Endocrines
2. Neurotransmitters
3. Secretagogues
4. Neurohormones
5. Autocrines
6. Peptides
7. Steroids
8. Neurochemicals
9. Neuropeptides
10. Neuroendocrines
11. Autacoids
12. Neurosecretory substances
13. Neurohormonal factors
14. Parahormones
15. Neuroactive substances
16. Neuroregulators
17. Neuroeffectors
18. Neurotransducers
19. Neurohumoral factors
20. Neurohumoral substances
21. Neuroactive peptides
22. Neurosecretory peptides
23. Neurohumoral peptides
24. Neurophysiological substances
25. Neurophysiological peptides
26. Neurohormones
27. Neuroendocrine substances
28. Neuroendocrine peptides
29. Neuroendocrine regulators
30. Neuroendocrine effectors

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