Synonyms for HONORABLE:

1. Respectable
2. Dignified
3. Noble
4. Upstanding
5. Estimable
6. Virtuous
7. Righteous
8. Worthy
9. Meritorious
10. Reputable
11. Honorable
12. Revered
13. Gracious
14. Upright
15. Ethical
16. Incorruptible
17. Trustworthy
18. High-minded
19. Commendable
20. Admirable
21. Praiseworthy
22. Distinguished
23. Noble-minded
24. Good
25. Noble-hearted
26. Exemplary
27. Praiseworthy
28. Illustrious
29. Virtuous
30. Right

When searching for other words for «honorable,» there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for a synonym to use in a speech or writing, or you need to find the best word to use in a professional setting, there are many honorable synonyms to choose from. These words include respectable, dignified, noble, upstanding, estimable, virtuous, righteous, worthy, meritorious, reputable, revered, gracious, upright, ethical, incorruptible, trustworthy, high-minded, commendable, admirable, praiseworthy, distinguished, noble-minded, good, noble-hearted, exemplary, praiseworthy, illustrious, and virtuous. Each of these words has its own unique meaning and can be used to express the same sentiment of honor and respect.